Series VC Carbon Steel V-Port Ball Valve with TR Actuator

Series TR Commercial Electric Actuator

The Series TR commercial electric actuator makes ball valve automation simple with its “one-screw” connection utilizing the VSI direct mount linkage. Utilizing a 24VAC power supply, this compact 18 inlb (2 NM) actuator is available with floating, on/off or modulating control for VAV boxes and unit ventilator applications. The manual handle enables override operation without removing power source.

Series VC Carbon Steel V-Port Control Valves

VSI’s Series E Brass and Series VC Carbon Steel V-Port control valves provide a modified equal percentage flow characteristic for accurate control of flow rates in modulating control applications. A variety of notch sizes are available to meet all custom flow requirements. The series VC features carefully selected seat and seal materials that make it ideal for steam control applications.

• Precise Modulating Control
• High Temperature Seats
• 300:1 Rangeability
• Direct Actuator Mounting

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