Series V Ball Valve with Siemens Damper Actuators

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V-Ball Valve

VSI’s high performance segmented ball valve can accommodate a wide range of applications. The High Performance Segmented Ball Valve, or V-Ball, is available in a stainless-steel body or a standard carbon steel body and able to service up to 125psi steam. The V-Ball is available in sizes 1″ through 12″. From high pressure, hot water, steam and even chilled water, the VSI V-Ball valve can handle it all. Its high resolution and high capacity make it ideal for replacing older globe valve technology.

Siemens Damper Actuators

Siemens damper actuators are easily mounted with VSI’s damper linkages. Available in 24VAC, Modulating or Floating service as well as spring return or non-spring return. Please contact a VSI representative for more options.