AWWA Valves

Welcome to VSI AWWA Valves. We offer a full line of 3" and larger of most of all the various valve types.

For more information or to request a quote for your next job bid, contact Sam Thayer at, or call at (770) 740-0800. In most cases, if you have a take off sheet already, his team can have a quote back to you in the same day!

Butterfly - Conforms to AWWA C-504 150B or 250B in sizes 2" - 96"
Call for larger sizes
Industrial butterfly valves 2" - 30"

Plug Valves - Conforms to AWWA C517 3" - 54"
Call for larger sizes

Gate Valves - Conforms to AWWA C509 2" - 48"
Call for larger sizes
We also carry Knife Gates in Lug and Wafer styles 2" - 36"

Check Valves - Conforms to AWWA C508 3" - 36"
Call for larger sizes

  • Outside Lever and Weight (OL & W)
  • Lever and Spring
  • Wafer Double Disc
  • Tilting Disc

Operators - Gearbox, Handwheels, Chainwheels, Lever, 2" Nut
Actuators - Electirc (Rotork, EIM, Auma, Limitorque and others) or Pneumtic
Accessories - Extension Stems, Torque Tubes, Floor Stands, etc.

AWWA Butterfly Valves
AWWA Gate and Check Valves
AWWA Gate and Plug Valves

AWWA Butterfly Valves
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AWWA Check Valves
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AWWA Gate Valves
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